Konzuk Metalwear

Jewellery designer Karen Konzuk produces a unique line of custom-made jewellery designs. Among some of the most unique qualities of Karen’s early collection was her choice of materials which included coloured acrylic, stainless steel, concrete and sterling silver.
Shown here are computer renderings that were developed as an experiment for use in promotional material and an online catalogue for Konzuk Metalwear. Using these models, visitors would be able to view each jewellery piece from multiple angles while customizing their order with different choices of colour and materials.
Completed in 2000-2001, this project required the creation of digital scale models of each piece using physical samples of the jewellery as a guide. The surface textures were also created from scratch using the physical samples and photography references for matching colour, texture and surface properties as closely and as realistically as possible.
animated ring model
selected mechanical ring drawings
selected rendered ring models
selected mechanical bracelet and earring drawings
selected rendered bracelet models
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