Microsoft HealthVault

HealthVault was developed by Microsoft as a platform to enable health applications and personal devices to store and share health data safely and securely.
Because the data stored in your HealthVault account can be shared between applications, when an update is made in one application, other applications sharing the same data are also updated, providing a more complete picture of your overall health. Critical health data may also be added to your account by health care professionals following routine visits with your doctor, vaccinations, lab tests or during a visit to the emergency room.
Applications and devices that work with HealthVault range in focus from chronic disease management to fitness tracking. The data shared between applications remains private at all times and cannot passed on without the owner’s explicit consent on a case by case basis.
Completed from 2007-09 while working with Microsoft Health Solutions Group in Redmond, Washington, my primary role on this project included creative direction for the HeathVault brand, interface design and prototyping for new web-based health applications, digital presentations, templates and a variety of other branded promotional material.
a trade show brochure featuring an illustrated schematic of the HealthVault platform
a first-generation web site design featuring tools for finding health applications
and personal devices that work with the HeathVault platform
campaign material for the “Be Well Fund,” a program designed to help developers secure funding
for building innovative new health applications that work with the HealthVault platform
trade show ceiling banners advertising HealthVault at the Microsoft booth
digital presentation templates were designed to help talk about HealthVault with partners and developers
sample screens from more than 30 protoype health applications designed to help demonstrate
the potential of the HealthVault platform to partners and developers
these “application blueprints” were designed to help demonstrate the potential of the HealthVault platform 
to partners and developers though the use realistic walkthroughs of protoype health applications
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