Rogers Plus

In 2003, Rogers began opening a new line of stores across Canada called Rogers Plus. The aim of these new stores would be to focus on a combination of products and services including wireless communications, high-speed internet, HDTV cable and home phone. 
Illustrated below are selected samples of the environmental graphics designed for the stores. These images were intended to celebrate customers enjoying the access and connectivity made possible by their wireless devices, but without showing the wireless devices themselves.
Completed in 2003/04 while working at Wild Horse Communications, my role in this project included working with a variety of store layout plans to assess the best opportunities for graphic placement and designing graphic treatments to compliment the client’s brand strategy.
sample of phone display stations featuring Chat, Surf and Play themes
sample of point of purchase display station featuring a Wireless theme
detail of phone display station featuring a Play theme
detail of phone display station featuring a Surf theme
detail of phone display station featuring a Chat theme
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